Top 10 SES Resume Writing Tips

If you're writing a resume for the SES, then you are probably quite familiar with it, but in case you are wondering, it is essentially a group that leads the transformation of government from law changes to public service. If you are thinking of joining this elite group, you should know that they ar... [More]

Next Top 5 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Here is the second part of our top 10: 6. People use a private sector resume opposed to a federal resumeMany people tend to be unaware of how there is a difference with applying to private sector jobs in comparison to federal jobs. All too often, one of the biggest mistakes that people make involve... [More]

Top 10 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Unfortunately, a number of different mistakes are made when people apply or search for federal jobs. In general, the same mistakes are made - and we are not even including mistakes made on Federal resume and ksa writing. If you are interested in federal jobs, then read on in order to learn the top 1... [More]

3 Additional Government Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Can you give me a brief summary of your work history up to this point?A. When it comes to federal job interview tips make sure you remember this one thing, the person giving you the interview wants you to demonstrate your reliability, your dependability, as well as your level of commitment. F... [More]

Federal Job Interview Questions And Answers

Federal jobs are some of the most competitive they are. Often times there is a very long waiting list in order to be interviewed for federal jobs. But when you finally do get your federal job interview, you will definitely want to know what you will be in for. There are many different federal job in... [More]

Federal Job Application Don'ts

·    Do not forget to carefully read through the job advertisement and provide information specifically asked for. Ensure your Federal resume has all the information that is needed to qualify for that job as these agencies hire based on merit. ·    Do not ... [More]

Federal Job Application Do's

When applying for a federal job, using a standard resume format just won't work. The application process is significantly different from that of the private sector. To make your task as a job seeker easier a universal application format was developed for anyone applying for federal jobs, the USAJOBS... [More]

SES Resume Writing Don'ts

Here are a couple things you avoid, when it comes to SES resume writing:   ·    Don't be brief That's not to say you should simply ramble on endlessly; your resume and your executive core qualifications in particular should be well-written, clear, and as distinct as... [More]

SES Resume Writing Dos

Do you think you know how to write a resume? If you're writing an SES resume, also known as a "senior executive service" resume, you may not.  That said, chances are, if you're in the running to write this type of resume, you certainly are a seasoned professional and therefore need just a few t... [More]

KSA Writing Don'ts

While there are these things can help you get an interview, having certain items in KSA's will ruin your chances of getting an interview.·    Don't copy phrases directly from the position description, this will lead the recruiter to the assumption it was crafted specifically fo... [More]