Top 10 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Unfortunately, a number of different mistakes are made when people apply or search for federal jobs. In general, the same mistakes are made - and we are not even including mistakes made on Federal resume and ksa writing. If you are interested in federal jobs, then read on in order to learn the top 10 federal job search mistakes.
1. People fail to use a job agent
When people are unemployed, they should spend at least 40 hours of the week searching for jobs. In general, a number of different Federal job search sites are out there. When people are looking for jobs, people should use these types of sites.
2 People use the same resume for jobs with different requirements
When you create and save a federal resume in word format, it becomes easy to change certain sections of the resume according to the jobs that you are applying for. In most cases, people fail to do this. When people fail to do this they are making a big mistake, due to the way that many of the jobs use a computer scanner in order to weed out resumes from potential applicants.
3. Failure to answer the online questionnaire
Often, you will notice that there are online questionnaires that you have to answer throughout your job search. Although most people do not realize this, they are required to answer the online questions. When people are answering the online questionnaire there is a requirement for all of the questions to be answered.
4. Apply only to the jobs that are within their salary range
One of the worst things that a person can do to themselves is not applying for jobs that are outside of their salary range. Often, people make the mistake of thinking they are going to make the same when they are working for the federal government, which is not always the case.
5. Over exaggerating or lying on their application
When you embellish or lie on your resume or application, then you are putting yourself at risk. Many times, if you are hired and found as not telling the whole truth afterward then you will lose your job. In addition, in some cases your resume or application is considered a legally binding document, which can lead to more troubles than it is worth.


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Gail Esparan