Next Top 5 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Here is the second part of our top 10:

6. People use a private sector resume opposed to a federal resume
Many people tend to be unaware of how there is a difference with applying to private sector jobs in comparison to federal jobs. All too often, one of the biggest mistakes that people make involves using a resume for a private sector job when they are applying for a federal job. Federal resume writing has more requirements, such as the person's social security number, in addition to other things.
7. People fail to demonstrate the skills, abilities, and knowledge they have
Anyone who is applying for jobs needs to demonstrate the skills, abilities, and knowledge that they have and can do this through narratives.
8. People fail to sell themselves
When you are using a Federal resume, use it the way that it is meant for. Ultimately, it should be used as a way to market yourself and not as a way to give your life story.
9. People apply for a position they are not qualified for
When you are reading the job description, it is important to make sure that you are qualified for the job. Make sure that you have the education or experience they specify and if you do not then do not apply.
10. People apply for everything rather than concentrating on a specific audience within their resume
When you are applying for a number of different jobs, make sure that each of your resumes targets the audience that you are going for.


Gail Esparan