Top 10 SES Resume Writing Tips

If you're writing a resume for the SES, then you are probably quite familiar with it, but in case you are wondering, it is essentially a group that leads the transformation of government from law changes to public service. If you are thinking of joining this elite group, you should know that they are normally hired for their leadership skills rather than any technical skills they might posses. The following are ten tips that you can use to better your SES resume and perhaps even land the job you've been looking for all along:
1. Orient Your Resume: When you see an SES job posting, you may be tempted to whip up a resume and deliver the first pieces of information that come to mind. If you are submitting your resume digitally, it would be a good idea to sue keywords that correspond to the job posting. By doing this you will ensure that your resume shows up on any searches SES recruiters perform.
2. Shorter Resume for Long Term Results: When you are applying for a position like this you will need to include quite a bit of information, but just like any other job, no recruiter has time to read through twenty pages of information. It is recommended that you limit your resume to five pages or less as this will provide more than enough information.
3. Experience Counts: Listing your experience on a resume is a pretty obvious step and you will need to execute it quite well in the case of an SES resume. Because you will be selected for your leadership skills it will become necessary for you to talk about your management experience, and this will obviously include what you have managed and how many employees you had working under you at any given time.
4. Cut and Dry: Many people make the mistake of including information that really doesn't matter in their resume writing - you must not make this mistake. Include information that is actually relevant to the job at hand as this will take you quite far with your potential employer.
5. Formatting: Be careful with the level of formatting that you use. The last thing you want is to make your resume over-effective. Excessive use of bolding and fancy fonts will make the employer set your resume aside or even throw it in the trash. Keep this in mind when you are attempting to make a good resume.

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Gail Esparan