Top 10 SES Resume Writing Tips

If you're writing a resume for the SES, then you are probably quite familiar with it, but in case you are wondering, it is essentially a group that leads the transformation of government from law changes to public service. If you are thinking of joining this elite group, you should know that they ar... [More]

SES Resume Writing Dos

Do you think you know how to write a resume? If you're writing an SES resume, also known as a "senior executive service" resume, you may not.  That said, chances are, if you're in the running to write this type of resume, you certainly are a seasoned professional and therefore need just a few t... [More]

ECQ #1: Leading change

In order to reach a suitable government position directing people, you are expected to efficaciously break down ECQ #1.  ECQ's are Executive Core Qualifications founded on the particular criteria established by the Office of Personnel Management for leadership skills essential to deliver the go... [More]

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The Senior Executive Service

The SES Provides Top Level Government Management The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 established the Senior Executive Service (SES) , which became effective July 13, 1979. The goal was to "ensure that the executive management of the government of the United States is responsive to the needs, p... [More]

SES Resume 101

SES (Senior Executive Service) positions are jobs at the the highest levels in the government. To apply for an SES position, you’ll first need a federal SES resume, which includes considerably more information than a resume for a private sector job. You’ll need to include the following:A... [More]