Federal Resume Writing: Using A Two Page Resume Is Acceptable And Shows You Have Value

Federal resume writing doesn't have to be any more difficult than writing a regular resume. A lot of people believe they have to write a very long resume in order to get the job. There are also some people who believe writing such a long resume is a bad thing. These people will often try to condense everything on the front page of a resume to ensure it gets read. Condensing all information on the front page is an effective method, but it shouldn't be your end all be all to getting a federal job or applying for federal careers.


Usually a person who doesn't have much experience has to go out of their way to get their federal resume read. These are the types of people who will usually not have that much experience to include in the resume to begin with. Recent graduates for example qualify as not having that much experience, so when they apply for federal careers they will want to condense everything on the first page. People who have a little bit more experience will want to use the first page of their resume to lead into the rest of the resume. Getting the attention of the federal employer is your number one goal here, and it should be the main focus of your federal resume writing.


Believe it or not many employers find a two-page resume to be quite acceptable, this is the case even more if you have a lot of experience because it means you will have a lot to offer. Many of us have been told that long resumes will be thrown in the trash or not get read, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. If you have a lot of experience to make you look valuable to the employer you will definitely want to include this. Federal jobs and federal careers have a lot of competition and the more you can offer to an employer the better the chance your resume will get read.


You will find some employers federal and otherwise will prefer a single page format, but you have no way of knowing the unless you ask them what they would prefer, but many people are afraid to do this. If you were to use a federal resume service to help they may be able to offer you some insight on what a particular job wants in a resume. Federal resume services are good at individually crafting resumes in order to give you the best chance to stand out.


Gail Esparan