Federal Resume Writing: Using A Two Page Resume Is Acceptable And Shows You Have Value

Federal resume writing doesn't have to be any more difficult than writing a regular resume. A lot of people believe they have to write a very long resume in order to get the job. There are also some people who believe writing such a long resume is a bad thing. These people will often try to condense... [More]

Next Top 5 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Here is the second part of our top 10: 6. People use a private sector resume opposed to a federal resumeMany people tend to be unaware of how there is a difference with applying to private sector jobs in comparison to federal jobs. All too often, one of the biggest mistakes that people make involve... [More]

Top 10 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Unfortunately, a number of different mistakes are made when people apply or search for federal jobs. In general, the same mistakes are made - and we are not even including mistakes made on Federal resume and ksa writing. If you are interested in federal jobs, then read on in order to learn the top 1... [More]

Pros of Federal Jobs

Normal 0 One employer that will always be hiring in your area is the local government, as long as you have a good Federal resume. For this reason it is almost always desirable to work in government, but there are a few other reasons as well. For instance, there are some amazing benefits and per... [More]

Some Good Entry-level Federal Jobs

Having a job in the Federal department has some advantages over the private, NGO and other sectors. The jobs tend to be stable and one’s probability of rising up the ranks is more realistic. There is no likelihood of suffering a lay-off when the economy takes a dive. Like in every other sector... [More]

How to Get a Government Job

Working with the government is an enriching experience; it also provides security of tenure and benefits that private companies cannot match.  Apart from a secured future, government employees also have opportunities to enhance their skills and go up the ladder of success.  There are medic... [More]