Federal Resume Writing: Using A Two Page Resume Is Acceptable And Shows You Have Value

Federal resume writing doesn't have to be any more difficult than writing a regular resume. A lot of people believe they have to write a very long resume in order to get the job. There are also some people who believe writing such a long resume is a bad thing. These people will often try to condense... [More]

Top 10 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Unfortunately, a number of different mistakes are made when people apply or search for federal jobs. In general, the same mistakes are made - and we are not even including mistakes made on Federal resume and ksa writing. If you are interested in federal jobs, then read on in order to learn the top 1... [More]

Federal Job Application Do's

When applying for a federal job, using a standard resume format just won't work. The application process is significantly different from that of the private sector. To make your task as a job seeker easier a universal application format was developed for anyone applying for federal jobs, the USAJOBS... [More]

Pros of Federal Jobs

Normal 0 One employer that will always be hiring in your area is the local government, as long as you have a good Federal resume. For this reason it is almost always desirable to work in government, but there are a few other reasons as well. For instance, there are some amazing benefits and per... [More]

Military to Federal Transition How To

The transition from the military to the private sector is never easy. Somebody who has spent his or her entire adult life in the military finds the civilian world quite a jungle to confront. However, with sufficient studying one can smoothly transition from the military without any major problems. M... [More]

Some Good Entry-level Federal Jobs

Having a job in the Federal department has some advantages over the private, NGO and other sectors. The jobs tend to be stable and one’s probability of rising up the ranks is more realistic. There is no likelihood of suffering a lay-off when the economy takes a dive. Like in every other sector... [More]

Security Clearance Guide

Are you currently seeking Federal employment or, perhaps, looking for a career in the military? If so, you will need to familiarize yourself with the subject of security clearances. Without being approved for a security clearance, you might not be allowed to perform certain duties or you could be re... [More]

The Veteran's Preference

Veterans' preference is a program wherein veterans who have received a honorable discharge will receive either a 5 or 10 point privilege.  Veterans should indicate on the Federal resume that they are eligible and are claiming veteran's preference when applying to government jobs. With the five... [More]

Federal Job Application Tips

Even in these recessionary times, the federal government is still hiring employees precisely because government work never stops for as long as there are people to serve.  However, you will find that Federal employment is very competitive by virtue of the nature of public work.  It pays to... [More]

Top 5 Federal Job Search Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes Federal job seekers make, which result in not getting selected for interviews: Not following the guidelines included in the Federal vacancy annuncement (even if you are the best candidate, it will get you disqualified) Botching the KSA writing (KSA's are... [More]