Federal Job Application Do's

When applying for a federal job, using a standard resume format just won't work. The application process is significantly different from that of the private sector. To make your task as a job seeker easier a universal application format was developed for anyone applying for federal jobs, the USAJOBS Federal resume format incorporates all the important data required by federal government agencies. Remember when creating your resume that federal jobs are extremely competitive and thus in order to make the best impression from your resume, there are certain guidelines should be followed.

The following is a list of the do's and don'ts you must adhere to when applying for federal government jobs.

·    Make sure your contact details are current and complete and all personal information is given as requested.
·    School history should be provided in chronological order listing subjects undertaken at each level and their acknowledgements.
·    Wording is extremely important therefore your resume should contain all the relevant information in brief but informative sentences. Use key words that can convey information on skills and qualifications in single words.
·    Be precise while answering the questions in the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) section. The first stage of recruitment involves scanning through applications and separating those who qualify from those who don't. To ensure you stay on the right pile make sure you KSA's stand out. This also means ordering them in the right manner - display them on the first few pages, rather than burying them under a lot of other information.
·    Bring out the value from your experience. Extra-curricular activities and internships that helped you gain certain skills can be highlighted here. Linking them with the qualifications and requirements of the job you're applying for will also help set you apart from others applying for the same position.


Gail Esparan