Federal Job Application Don'ts

·    Do not forget to carefully read through the job advertisement and provide information specifically asked for. Ensure your Federal resume has all the information that is needed to qualify for that job as these agencies hire based on merit.

·    Do not write your autobiography. Your resume is like a personal advertising campaign and it should catch the recruiter's attention, be short enough to read through quickly while at the same time emphasizing the most relevant accomplishments.

·    Don't be repetitive. Avoid repeating in the experience section what you wrote in the resume overview or the academic section. If you have to, use words that bring out a new angle to the information.

·    Do not use general statements in describing your experience when you can be more precise on what exactly you were involved in and what you accomplished. While filling the section on your experience use numbers to show your achievements. Highlighting the roles you played, the time period for each project participated in and their outcomes this will help the recruiter assess your suitability for the job. Examples of achievements can also be included to make your resume more interesting.

·    Do not submit the resume without proof reading it several times and getting rid of any spelling errors. Tweak key words, remove irrelevant information and highlight the parts that you intend to utilize to catch the recruiter's attention.


Gail Esparan