Federal Job Interview Questions And Answers

Federal jobs are some of the most competitive they are. Often times there is a very long waiting list in order to be interviewed for federal jobs. But when you finally do get your federal job interview, you will definitely want to know what you will be in for. There are many different federal job interview questions as well as answers. I could not possibly explain them all to you in this short article, but you can find a good job interview guide that will be able to give more detail on the various questions asked. But in this article I went to give you a few federal job questions along with the answers in order to help you get started.

Q. Can you tell me about the job you have right now?
A. When it comes to federal job interview questions, after your long initial waiting period your prospective employer is going to want to know how you feel about the job you are currently in. They ask you this in order to get a feel for whether or not you're willing to leave that job for one which may not be as rewarding currently. They may also use this to try and determine what type of skills and knowledge base already possess.

Q. What particular skills and abilities do you bring to your current job?
A. Here is your chance to really sell yourself to your prospective employer. Make sure you tell them of your good people skills (you might wanna include them in your Federal resume and KSA statements as well). Make sure you tell them of any special skills you possess that will be of value once hired. You must remember you have a lot of competition when it comes to a federal job. Selling your skills and abilities is one of the best ways to stand out from them. This is something you will definitely want to remember.

Q. Does your current employer know you are actively seeking other employment?
A. Remember when you go on a federal job in ask you these types of questions in order to see what type of person you are. They want to make sure that your current employer is okay with you seeking other employment. This makes it seem as if you're leaving on the terms as opposed to bad terms. It also makes you appear to be someone of integrity if your employer is aware of you looking for other employment.


Gail Esparan