The different types of Federal job interviews

If you're lucky enough to get a government job interview, you should take into consideration that there are many types of government employment interviews and you probably won't know which one you will get until you are facing the hiring manager.  The following list will give you an idea about what to expect:

  •     a screening interview is a preliminary interview in person or by phone where an agency representative checks that you have basic qualifications to get a second interview;
  •     a structured interview is where the interviewer explores predetermined areas through questions written in advance;
  •     an unstructured interview doesn't have a written description of the ideal candidate and the interviewer is not given instructions on what to cover during the interview;
  •     multiple interviews involve a series of interviews where the candidate meets various representatives of the agency;
  •     a stress interview involves an interviewer intentionally upsetting the candidate to see how he/she reacts under pressure and might also include a few stress questions;
  •     a targeted interview covers more specific points with key qualifications being identified and pertinent questions having been prepared in advance;
  •     a situational interview features simulated common problems a candidate may face on the job and monitors the responses;
  •     a group interview occurs wen 2 or more agency representatives question you at the same time; a group of candidates might also be involved.

Knowing this might help you get prepared for your interview. Hiring a professional Federal resume writer to prepare your resume and application might also be helpful as the right resume might guarantee you interviews.


Gail Esparan