How to Get a Government Job

Working with the government is an enriching experience; it also provides security of tenure and benefits that private companies cannot match.  Apart from a secured future, government employees also have opportunities to enhance their skills and go up the ladder of success.  There are medical perks, vacation and sick leaves, and bonuses awarded to all employees within a year.  If a government job appeals to you, you must have the basic requirements, updated IT skills, and pass specific qualifying examinations.  Furthermore, the jobs available are not limited to degree holders; there are jobs that require certain skills and certifications to qualify for the position of plumbers and other similar jobs.

A college graduate with a certain major or who has completed specific academic courses can aspire to access entry level jobs and acquire work experience and on-the-job training.  This is the first step towards higher grade level jobs in the government.  These jobs are often advertised as intern or trainee program positions.  If you are a fresh accounting graduate who just passed the state board exam, you might have to contend with experienced aspirants for an accounting position.  As always, government jobs require experience, hence entry level jobs would be excellent options for higher grade positions.

If you don't have degree but you have acquired experience on the job and accumulated an extensive work-related history, you can qualify for the position that requires your skill/experience.  It is your experience that counts but it sure helps to have certifications to show that you have taken up short courses to enhance your skills.  For clerical positions or assistant positions, you need to have at least three months of work experience. For higher grade positions or equivalent levels, more work experience will be asked from you.  Fortunately not all of these positions require you to take a civil service test.  To make sure though always check the general job description and requirements before applying for the position.

But where do you look for government jobs?  You can always check out the websites of government agencies.  Government jobs are also advertised in national and local newspapers. The local library or career center can help you too.  They generally have a listing of job vacancies in the government sector.  The job announcement will usually include basic information of the job, who qualifies, where applications are accepted and the deadline for accepting applications, and how to apply.  The pay range and the conditions for the employment are also included in the advertisement.

As job seeker, always be ready with your updated Federal resume to maximize the time you have and to beat other aspirants for the job.  Government agencies hand out resume form to all job applicants.  Be careful when you fill out these forms.  Read the form carefully and be sure you have all the required information ready - your SSS number and other pertinent facts from government-issued certifications.  One more thing, do not attempt to lie about any information because the agency will always verify facts.


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