Disadvantages of Federal jobs

There are often no routes to advancement in government. Most of the time you will stay right where you started your government employment, unless you can get an education.   Government jobs tend to suck people in. You might plan on only being there for about a year, but you may find tha... [More]

Pros of Federal Jobs

Normal 0 One employer that will always be hiring in your area is the local government, as long as you have a good Federal resume. For this reason it is almost always desirable to work in government, but there are a few other reasons as well. For instance, there are some amazing benefits and per... [More]

The Veteran's Preference

Veterans' preference is a program wherein veterans who have received a honorable discharge will receive either a 5 or 10 point privilege.  Veterans should indicate on the Federal resume that they are eligible and are claiming veteran's preference when applying to government jobs. With the five... [More]

How to Get a Government Job

Working with the government is an enriching experience; it also provides security of tenure and benefits that private companies cannot match.  Apart from a secured future, government employees also have opportunities to enhance their skills and go up the ladder of success.  There are medic... [More]