3 Additional Government Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Can you give me a brief summary of your work history up to this point?
A. When it comes to federal job interview tips make sure you remember this one thing, the person giving you the interview wants you to demonstrate your reliability, your dependability, as well as your level of commitment. Federal jobs have high levels of competition, and as a result there are many people in line waiting to take your place. So if you are not truly committed to the position, or if you have an unstable work history this may raise some eyebrows.

Q. What have you accomplished in the past that makes you particularly qualified for this position?

A. There are many different types of federal jobs you can apply for, so you must make sure you tailor your answer to fit that particular position. Make sure the answer you provide lines up in order to make you appear to be the right person for the job. If the job requires dependability make sure you use an example that will display how dependable you are. If the job requires analytical skills, make sure you're able to use an example that will display your ability to be analytical.

Q. Why are you leaving your current position?
A. You could be leaving your current position for any number of reasons but if you haven't made a commitment to go for a federal job, then no reason for leaving is pretty evident. You are looking for greener pastures and there is nothing wrong with this. Just make sure you let them know that your current employer is fully aware of this. This is one of those federal job interview questions that can get a lot of people taken off the list for consideration if answered wrong.


Gail Esparan