KSA Writing Don'ts

While there are these things can help you get an interview, having certain items in KSA's will ruin your chances of getting an interview.

·    Don't copy phrases directly from the position description, this will lead the recruiter to the assumption it was crafted specifically for this one job.
·    Don't list what others have done, or accomplishments of another company. Focus on what you have done.
·    Don't lie or exaggerate your information. It might get you an interview, but it will ensure you don't get the job.
·    Don't short sell yourself. Show pride in what you have done but don't brag.
·    Don't leave out charity and social work that you do.
·    Don't only mention the awards and certifications you have. Give detailed information.
·    Don't include information not asked for. If a recruiter wants references or recommendations they will request them.

Keep in mind that your KSA's are going to be used and reviewed in determining whether or not you are qualified to do a job. Be certain you keep them focused on the position you are applying for, and don't ever offer too much or too little information. By following these simple rules, you greatly increase your chances of getting an interview.


Gail Esparan