Federal Resume Writing Don'ts

There are a few don'ts when it comes to writing your federal resume, too.

·    Fail to include SPECIFIC information as it pertains to the job you are applying for
Again, it's possible to "fill in the gaps" if you don't have the necessary education for a particular job by detailing experience, but if specific information is asked for, be sure to provide it.
·    Skimp
In other words, write everything to the fullest detail possible. Again, this goes against the grain if you're used to writing civilian resumes, but detail counts for federal resumes. You should also know that federal resumes are read by people and not simply "scanned," so be as detailed as you need to be.
·    Make the KSA a repeat of the resume
You should include it with your resume and you should mention it in the resume, but make each unique. Write the KSA as descriptively and as succinctly as possible, both at the same time.
When you know how to do it right, writing and submitting your federal resume may just help you get that federal job you looking for.


Gail Esparan