Federal Resume Writing How To

If you want to find a government job, you need a government resume. A federal resume is very different from traditional resumes, so you need to make sure you are with the guidelines and regulations involved as to what the information you need to provide. It will be in your best interest to hire a federal resume writer to get the best results, but if you want to try it yourself, there are some things you should keep in mind. Most government job listings will list specifically what information should be provided, but just in case they don’t, here’s a list of what should be included in your federal resume.


  • Contact information, such as name, phone number, mailing address, etc.
  • Education, including classes taken and credits earned, from high school through college.
  • Previous job experience, whether relevant or not, in chronological order. This will show that you have a dedicated work history.
  • Be sure to emphasize any experience you have related to the job you’re applying to in your resume. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you think it is, one tiny detail may mean the difference between landing the job and not getting it.
  • Include some info about the job you’re applying for, including the reference number, job title, and grade of the job. If you don’t include this, they won’t know what you’re applying for, so don’t forget about it.
  • If your education and experience do not exactly match the position you’re applying to, don’t worry. Simply show how your experience relates to the job in great detail, so they can see why you are a good candidate for the job.
  • Write a personalized KSA (knowledge, skills, and abilities) essay. Avoid using templates and samples. The more personal you are, the better chance you have of getting the job.


Ultimately, preparing a government resume is about being specific, detailed, and personal. Most employers are looking for someone who stands out, so make yourself unique, and personalize your resume so that the agency you’re applying with can see that you’re a real person, and that you put genuine effort into applying for the position. Be different, make yourself stand out, and be sure to provide the best details and personal touch that you possibly can when writing a federal resume.

If you’d rather hire a professional resume service, you can do this. However, you’ll still need to provide them with all of this specific information. Professional resume writers are a great asset to your federal resume writing needs. Although it can be costly, hiring a professional federal resume writer is definitely a worthwhile investment. Just make sure the resume service is qualified and capable of giving you the best resume that you can get.


Gail Esparan