KSA Writing Dos

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are required on many different types of applications for employment. The most common employer requiring this information is the federal government. These KSA's as they are often referred to can be the difference between getting an interview and receiving a rejection letter. Think carefully before you place anything in your resume. You have once chance to impress the recruiter and have your resume delivered to the department looking to hire.

Review the requirements of the job you are looking at. Begin crafting a list of what you believe this job would require as far as KSA's are considered. If the posting lists specific requirements for the job note those down as well. When you have decided on all the key requirements, you will need to begin adding this information into your resume.

Once you have figured this information out, you will need to be careful on how you present this information. If it appears to be a targeted resume, the recruiter may reject it. Your resume KSA should appear in a resume as a normal flow, with additional information so it doesn't reflect the job you are applying for only. Show that you are a well rounded individual.

Take a moment and review the Do's for writing your KSA's:

·    Do list all the KSA's you have relevant to the mentioned job posting.
·    Do list any experiences you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for.
·    Do use proper grammar and punctuation.
·    Do write information so that it is clearly understood.
·    Do keep your information in chronological order.
·    Do mention special certifications, education and training.
·    Do focus on what you are qualified to do, not what you can't do.
·    Do use words that stir excitement, such as action verbs.


Gail Esparan