Are You Afraid That Your Sales Resume Will Not Be Good Enough, Continued

Many companies will also give you a chance to prove you are capable of getting results on a job before they make a decision about hiring you on permanently. Have you ever seen the movie pursuit of happiness with Will Smith? In this movie will Smith was given a chance to become a stockbroker, but fir... [More]

3 Additional Salesman Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. What steps do you take to overcome a prospect that is resistant to you?A. The interviewer wants to see that you will not push a sale on a prospect too hard. What they really want to see is that you are able to present whatever you are trying to sell in such a way that the prospect eventually ... [More]

Sales Job Interview Questions And Answers

Sales jobs are in area of the job market that many people overlook, and the reasons can be many. Often time’s people have concerns about sales jobs, because these types of jobs can sometimes be based purely on performance. The better you perform the more money you can make, or the longer you w... [More]

Top 10 Sales Jobs - Part 2

Here are the next 5 top sales jobs:   6. Inside Sales AgentThey sell services and products to prior customers and make between $25 and $50 thousand a year. 7. Advertising RepresentativeBeing an advertising representative requires a college degree in one of the forms of business and the job in... [More]

Top 5 Sales Jobs

Having a job in sales means having a job that can offer endless growth, both in position and wage opportunities. After all, it is definitely a career choice that will always have different options avialable for those who are interested. Contrary to popular belief, sales jobs don't just involve retai... [More]

Sales Interview Do's

It is no secret that the current job economy is tough.  There are more and more people looking for sales jobs and fewer positions available than in previous years.  For many this makes landing a job extremely difficult.  However, this does not have to be the case.  In fact, openi... [More]

Sales Don'ts

But, as a sales professional, there are some negatives to watch out for, these can kill a sale:    * Don't lie about a product. If there is something that it cannot do, be honest with the customer. Sometimes they ask the question to see your integrity.    * Don't repeat... [More]

Sales Do's

When it comes to selling products for a living, some people have a natural talent for doing it, while others need a little help but can still find success. People that fall in the later can still have a strong sales resume and a successful career if they follow some simple advice. There is no reason... [More]

Cons of Being a Salesman

Here are the disadvantages: Monthly earnings are not based on a fixed salary and are often based on commissions. If you are not a go-getter and you're not good at handling failure, your income will suffer as a result.   Being a salesman is not as easy as it may seem. If you have alrea... [More]

Pros of Being a Salesman

Becoming a salesman is a very popular employment choice for people who are extroverts. It's a job that can be both rewarding and taxing. To be a success or a failure in this field is greatly depends on you. Basically, you will need the seed of success in your hands. It's up to you to plant it and le... [More]