Sales Do's

When it comes to selling products for a living, some people have a natural talent for doing it, while others need a little help but can still find success. People that fall in the later can still have a strong sales resume and a successful career if they follow some simple advice. There is no reason why a person can't genuinely succeed if they put their mind to it.

The entire basis of a sales career is listening. Often time's people will tell you exactly what they need from a product right down to the specifics; they even do this by telling you what their present item doesn't do. The process of selling any item isn't to describe everything that a product can potentially do. Instead, it is about how that single product can improve the buyer's life, and meet their basic needs.

But the entire process of making a sale goes beyond that. There are things you can do to make a sale happen, and other things you can do to kill the sale from the moment you open your mouth. The following will show you all the do's and don'ts of selling success.

To begin with there are things you should be doing to help maximize your sales:

    * Do present yourself as a professional. Make sure you are clean and well groomed. A moustache is okay, but many people tend to shy away from bearded men.
    * Do listen to your clients. Listen to what they need from your product and let them know how this will improve their life.
    * Do feel comfortable letting lookers go. You can't get everyone to buy your product, focus on potential sales rather than hard sells.
    * Do avoid from sharing too much information. In sales it is better to listen and only speak directly about the concerns a customer has. This lets a customer know they are valued.
    * Do know everything about your product. You should be better informed than the customer before they come in; having to go and ask questions with someone else will have the customers going somewhere else.
    * Do sell value over a lower price. While there might be other competitors on the market, let the consumer see that while you have a slightly higher price there is more quality and value to your product.

Those simple steps will keep your sales pitches going strong, and turning into sales.


Gail Esparan