What are the Highest Paying Sales Jobs?

When searching for employment, you want to be as picky as possible. That's because sales jobs are a dime a dozen. Sales jobs span every industry, selling every type of product. Yet not all sales jobs are created equally. Some salespeople make a lot of money while others barely bring enough home to make ends meet. If you're a salesperson, and you're good at what you do, you want to make sure you get a sales job involving high end products or services. Those are, after all, the highest paying sales jobs.


Car salesmen have the potential to bring in a lot of money. Cars cost thousands of dollars and the salesperson brings home a percentage of that sale price. If the salesperson is good enough, he or she has the potential to make a substantial amount of money.

Homes cost much more than cars do, therefore realtors receive a much higher commission than most car dealers do. That is unless you get into the really high end cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis. And, just like ambitious car salespeople, realtors who are real go-getters and know how to market themselves effectively will be able to pull in six figures or more easily.

Technology has made business more efficient, it has made the world a smaller place by allowing companies to reach the far corners of the globe, and it has increased earning potentials exponentially. Therefore, any sales jobs that involve IT, Hardware, Software and everything in between will generally be very high paying sales jobs. Technology related sales are very coveted these days so  a person must know how to market him or herself. However, if a person hopes to be a good salesperson, knowing how to market yourself, and do it well, is a necessity.

The idea is that, if you're looking for the highest paying sales jobs, you're going to want to seek out sales jobs that involve high end products or services. If you can get a base salary along with your commission, that's even better. That way, you won't have to rely simply on your sales in case you have a bad month. Just realize that the sales field is changing all the time. People are holding onto their money a little more than they were a few years ago; so a salesperson had better step up their game if they hope to pull in respectable earnings.

No matter what sales job you seek, if you hope to be successful and pull in the salary you're hoping for, you must know your product, your territory, your customer and you must know how to write a great sales resume to market yourself effectively. As long as you keep a positive attitude and choose one of the highest paying sales jobs above, or others (these are just a few), you'll have no problem pulling in a hefty salary you can be proud of.


Gail Esparan


3/26/2010 3:02:12 AM #

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