Crucial Characteristics You Need To Have Before You Put In Your Professional Sales Resume

Not everyone is cut out to have a job in sales and it is going to be very important that you know the crucial characteristics you will need to have in order for you to not only apply for sales jobs, but to ultimately be successful at them. Sales jobs require people to face a lot of rejection, and in... [More]

Are You Afraid That Your Sales Resume Will Not Be Good Enough, Continued

Many companies will also give you a chance to prove you are capable of getting results on a job before they make a decision about hiring you on permanently. Have you ever seen the movie pursuit of happiness with Will Smith? In this movie will Smith was given a chance to become a stockbroker, but fir... [More]

Are You Afraid That Your Sales Resume Will Not Be Good Enough In Order To Get Your Foot In The Door?

There are a lot of potential sales people out there who are serious about getting into a job that is related to sales, because this type of job would best suit them. But many of them are afraid that their sales resume would not possess the necessary experience to get their foot in the door with a se... [More]

Increase Your Call Back Rate By Doing These Three Valuable Things For You

Industry keywords In a given industry no matter what industry it is there are going to be certain industry keywords that will make your resume stand out. It is going to be your job to find out what these industry keywords are, but then again maybe you haven't been doing this and this is the reason ... [More]

Follow These Guidelines To Sell your Sales Resume

Using an active voice An active voice on your sales resume will prevent your resume from sounding too boring. An action voice will make your words jump off the page so that they stick in the mind of the person looking over your resume. What you want to avoid is using passive words that are going to... [More]

Sales Resume Writers Can Increase Your Call Back Rate By Doing These Three Valuable Things For You

When you are writing your sales resume you may become frustrated because you lack the ability to craft a resume that sells you and your skills properly. But not to worry, using sales resume writers can solve these problems for you. You may be experiencing problems getting back calls and interviews f... [More]

Your Sales Resume Must SELL You And This Can Be Done If You Follow These Guidelines

So you have decided to go for a job in sales, this is a good thing and very rewarding as well. But when you are putting in your sales resume it is going to be important for it to look professional. In order for this to happen you must be very skilled at sales resume writing or employ the services of... [More]

Top 10 Sales Jobs - Part 2

Here are the next 5 top sales jobs:   6. Inside Sales AgentThey sell services and products to prior customers and make between $25 and $50 thousand a year. 7. Advertising RepresentativeBeing an advertising representative requires a college degree in one of the forms of business and the job in... [More]

Top 5 Sales Jobs

Having a job in sales means having a job that can offer endless growth, both in position and wage opportunities. After all, it is definitely a career choice that will always have different options avialable for those who are interested. Contrary to popular belief, sales jobs don't just involve retai... [More]

Sales Interview Do's

It is no secret that the current job economy is tough.  There are more and more people looking for sales jobs and fewer positions available than in previous years.  For many this makes landing a job extremely difficult.  However, this does not have to be the case.  In fact, openi... [More]