Are You Afraid That Your Sales Resume Will Not Be Good Enough, Continued

Many companies will also give you a chance to prove you are capable of getting results on a job before they make a decision about hiring you on permanently. Have you ever seen the movie pursuit of happiness with Will Smith? In this movie will Smith was given a chance to become a stockbroker, but first he had to convince enough people to sign on with the company in order to prove his worth. If he were able to beat out the competition he would be hired on permanently as a stockbroker for that particular company. There are certain sales jobs out there that work the same way and will be more than willing to give you a chance to show results while getting your feet wet.


Understand that sales jobs are usually results oriented, and there can be many instances in your past where you have been successful at getting the kind of results a given job may be looking for, which could make it appear as if you have more experience on your sales resume. For instance when I was a little kid I was a door-to-door salesman who sold candy bars, and I was quite good at it. Now would I be able to list this on a sales resume as experience? Even though it wasn't verifiable I would list it because it would show to an extent the type of skills I possessed. You should use similar examples to add strength to your sales resume if you feel you may not have enough verifiable experience in sales jobs.


Gail Esparan