Sales Resume Writing Tips

The job market is never wide open, but rarely do we see such fierce employment competition as is present now thanks to the economic downswing as of late. Many employers are now ONLY accepting interviews of the best and brightest and as a job seeker, your resume simply has to stand out from the pack. Formulating a solid, eye catching resume is the only way to ensure that call back you hope for so desperately.
Stay Concise

If you are pulling together a resume for a sales position, remember that most employers are going to see hundreds of resumes for the exact same position. Make sure that all of your relevant past sales positions and experience are listed front and center on the first page of your resume. Its alright (and even advisable sometimes) to have a 4-5 page resume that includes everything from your education to your professional affiliations, however be absolutely positive that the first page of your resume contains all of the information pertaining to what makes you a good sales associate.
Outline Your Skills

Have a specific section within the resume that outlines your specific skills and any particular strengths that you possess. Maybe you brought your last company over a million dollars in sales within the first quarter or were able to operate your department under budget continually for three years. These are skills that employers are interested in and will make you shine amongst your peers. However, if these skills are never seen because they are glossed over in your resume that dream job may slip through your fingers.
Organize Your Resume Efficiently

Now that you have outlined your specific skills and moved all of your relevant information to the front page of your resume, make sure to organize that page so it makes sense. Format the document so that all fonts are the same and the font size is large enough to be legible. Place the qualifications that you want the employer to see first at the top of the page, along with your contact information. Outline your sales experience below that and then include any relevant education. Stick with straight edged, anti-aliased font like Arial and separate parts of the resume by bolding headings. Stick with plain black type and crisp white paper (no need to be overly creative with materials here).
Update Your Resume Regularly

Make sure that your sales resume is as up to date as possible, utilizing all of your relevant experience and any additional information that you may have gleaned since your last resume update. Add recent career changes, any address changes, and of course any awards you have received over the past several months. By keeping your resume up to date and including aforementioned guidelines when formulating your sales resume, you can effectively "sell yourself" to potential employers and land that job you have always wanted.


Gail Esparan