Sales Resume Writings Do's

Resume writing is always difficult, but when it comes to a sales resume you have quite a bit more to worry about. In a sales resume, you need to be able to sell yourself just as well as you would sell any product, and for that reason, you need to be as professional as possible. So let's talk a but about the do's of sales resume writing so you'll have a basic idea of what you're dealing with.


- Sound confident in your writing. Use an active voice rather than passive in your cover letter. Do the same when you are making a list of your skills. You are entering a professional where confidence is everything, and if you sound confident on your resume, it might just be enough to get the job.

- Do list your sales experience for the last five years! Let them know what experience you have had in sales, and most importantly let them know how that experience will positively affect your work.

- Do use bullet points! If you sue paragraphs you might find that the employer simply overlooks your resume. Remember, time is money, and the more time spent reading your resume, the more money the employer stands to lose!


Gail Esparan