Sales Resume Writings Don'ts

- Don't misspell anything. Check that resume over from bottom to top, making sure you've gotten absolutely everything right! If you misspell anything you could look completely unprofessional, and employers will question your ability to do the job.

- Don't use the same generic resume for every job. Make a custom one for the position you want. Doing so will tailor it specifically to that company and show them that you are truly interested in the company.

- Don't write a resume with zero knowledge of the company. This can prove to be fatal on any resume, and it creates a very bad situation. You want to research the company. You want to know what products they are about to release, and most importantly you will need to know what their five year plan is. This information that will help you to get the job, so don't dismiss it as irrelevant!

So there you have it. The information you need to create an effective sales resume. Remember that every single company is different, and as such you will need to adjust your thinking. This can be tricky, and it may be hard for some people to grasp. If you are a true salesman however, you will learn to sell yourself to the company, and you will be able to get the job with almost no effort. Are you ready to move forward with your career? If so, now is a great time to start.


Gail Esparan