Sales Job Interview Don'ts

Don't overlook proofreading your sales resume and cover letter. More applicants are placed in the "no" pile because of mindless spelling and typing errors on their submitted documents. Don't forget to prepare some questions for your interviewer. Almost all interviews end with you having the opportun... [More]

Sales Interview Do's

It is no secret that the current job economy is tough.  There are more and more people looking for sales jobs and fewer positions available than in previous years.  For many this makes landing a job extremely difficult.  However, this does not have to be the case.  In fact, openi... [More]

How to Write a Real Estate Agent Resume

The real estate market is a competitive field, and, as an agent, you must do your best to stand out in order to convince potential clients to allow you to sell their house or help them find a new house. In addition, agents who wish to switch brokerage companies or transition to a different type ... [More]

How to Negotiate a Sales Job Salary

A job in sales is a dream to many, but a proper job can sometimes be a bit elusive. In other words you need to make sure you are not having a fast one pulled over on you. If after getting an interview thanks to your sales resume, you are offered a job at the interview, you will be given a contract. ... [More]