How to Write a Real Estate Agent Resume

The real estate market is a competitive field, and, as an agent, you must do your best to stand out in order to convince potential clients to allow you to sell their house or help them find a new house. In addition, agents who wish to switch brokerage companies or transition to a different type of real estate market will also need to compose an effective resume that will allow them to get hired at a new real estate company.

When composing a real estate resume to get employment, if you do not have previous real estate experience, you should highlight any professional qualifications and certifications you have received, as well as any college and graduate school experience. Because real estate is a sales-related field, it would also be wise to highlight any sales experience you have had, in either retail or corporate settings.

If you have been the recipient of any sales-related awards or honors, list those as well. Many times, the person looking at your resume may not be particularly concerned about your actual real estate experience. Instead, they are examining your resume to determine if you have what it takes to succeed in a competitive sales career.

If you have previous experience, list that as well, in addition to any awards, accolades or outstanding sales statistics you may have earned in the past. If you worked with real estate in any other capacity besides sales, be sure and make a note of these things in your real estate sales resume. Though the position you hope to land may be a real estate agent job, the company doing the hiring may be more willing to consider someone who has experience beyond the typical real estate agent positions.

Some things to include in your real estate agent resume may be volunteer work, appraisal experience, management, administration, and law experience. If you have any banking or title company experience, it would also be wise to add these items to your resume. In today's competitive atmosphere, the most well rounded individual will stand the best chance of getting an interview.

When working with buyers and sellers, your resume must reflect your residential sales experience, along with your knowledge of the market and the metropolitan area where your work has been focused.

Buyers and sellers will also appreciate statistics you can offer about your previous sales. This means that if you sell an average of one or two houses each week, or help place clients in new homes 10 times a month, make a note of it, because seeing that you are active in the market may help convince people to let you be their real estate agent.

Another thing that's not usually in a conventional resume, but can be very helpful to a real estate resume is the use of testimonials from your past clients. A few snippets of favorable impressions from your previous customers will add a human touch to your real estate agent resume, which goes a long way in helping increase your credibility.

Your resume for potential clients should be composed as more of a brochure than a traditional sheet of paper, but being able to provide potential clients with something tangible when they are considering you as a potential agent will go a long way in helping convey your professional image.


Gail Esparan