How to Become an Account Executive

When we were children, we often talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some of us wanted to be firemen, some of us wanted to be police officers. There were also those of us who wanted to be astronauts, but if you think back, you probably never heard anyone say they wanted to be an account executive.

It is an admirable job, but many people do not know exactly what an account executive does. Essentially the account executive make sure that everything is working properly within a business. They walk around and look at the copywriters, art directors, writers, and anyone else who happens to have a creative job, and make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to do.

In addition to that, the account executive will make sure the conditions are right for completing the different jobs, and that everyone has what they need. If there is an advertising campaign being conducted, the account executive will oversee it and ensure that it moves along as smoothly as possible.

Something to note about large companies is that they have many departments, and those departments might be taking care of different parts of the ad campaign. Despite working apart, the ads all need to give the same message, and without the account executive that might not happen. The executive will read all of the ads and determine whether or not everything is going correctly.

In addition to that, the account executive will make sure that everyone is working together even if they are in different departments. They will therefore be in charge of conflict resolution and ensuring that everyone gets along. Sometimes conflict is important, and the account executive needs to be able to see this. For instance, two employees might have different ideas, but as the account executive you might see a way that these ideas can be beneficial to the company even if they are completely different. You will need to find a way to take these ideas and combine them in order to have a more functional plan.

As for getting employment as an account executive, you should know that there is no specific education or training involved. Know that you will most likely need a college degree and strong account executive sales resume writing skills that will sell you to the employer for an interview. That being said, it's time to look into the different colleges and make sure they offer programs that will be beneficial to your goal of becoming an account executive. The sky is your limit, so chase your dream and find happiness.


Gail Esparan