How to Negotiate a Sales Job Salary

A job in sales is a dream to many, but a proper job can sometimes be a bit elusive. In other words you need to make sure you are not having a fast one pulled over on you. If after getting an interview thanks to your sales resume, you are offered a job at the interview, you will be given a contract. It would be best that you ask for some time to ask questions and even consult a lawyer at some point.
The first thing that you will need to do is see if there is any sort of non-compete clause. If such a cause exists it might actually stop you from working in the future. For example, if you sign a clause that states you cannot compete with the company for at least five years and are then fired from the job, then you will be out of work for five years. This is NOT something that you want happening to you, so make sure you read the contract thoroughly!
Now we come to the salary. There are two major parts of a sales salary, and these parts are the base and the commission. The base salary is your paycheck and you are going to get this no matter what. Your commission is the percentage that you make from each sale. Typically you will not be able to negotiate this with the company, but what you can do is negotiate your salary.
Take a look at it and see if you are happy with the numbers. Do they match your skills? If you are bringing a lot to the table, then perhaps you should be paid a bit more. You can either negotiate this yourself, or you can hire a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer then the company will know that you mean business and may be more willing to negotiate with you. It also shows that you have some degree of intelligence which is exactly what they are looking for in an employee.
In addition to the pay you will want to look closely at the benefits. They may or may not be satisfactory to you, and perhaps you even have some sort of special needs. Make sure you make this clear to them, or at least have your lawyer do it.
Don't settle for less than you deserve! This cannot be stressed enough, to be quite honest. Many people let their needs slip through the cracks because they are afraid to speak up and get what they need. Do not be one of those people. Use your voice and let them know what you want, so long as you do it respectfully. So go get the job of your dreams, and do it on your terms!


Gail Esparan