Sales Job Interview Questions And Answers

Sales jobs are in area of the job market that many people overlook, and the reasons can be many. Often time’s people have concerns about sales jobs, because these types of jobs can sometimes be based purely on performance. The better you perform the more money you can make, or the longer you will stay employed. But many sales jobs are not based upon just performance; many of them are based upon other skills.

If you have an upcoming sales job interview you will definitely want to know how to answer some of the questions that will come your way. A sales job interview is just like any other interview, with one exception. One of the key skills the interviewer is going to look for is good personal skills, which should also be mentionned in your resume writing. Some of the questions below will help you to display your level of personal skills the person giving you the interview.

Q. Tell me about a time when you spent a great deal of time with a customer and you did not get the sale.
A. No matter what type of sales job you are in, you will sometimes experience situations where you invest a lot of time and nothing comes out of it. Your ability to handle these situations as a professional is very important. But more importantly, what the interviewer is looking for is that you will not be fazed by the rejection. The interviewer wants to see that you can take this rejection and move on with optimism to the next sale. Make sure your answer lines up with this line of thinking and it will do you good.

Q. Recall for me a time when a coworker snatched a sale from under you. What did you do? What was the outcome?
A. The interviewer wants to see if you are able to handle this as a professional. They also want you to explain to them why someone else had been more convincing in getting the sale when you were the person who could've had it. Make sure you give a good reason for this, and to make sure that you show you display professionalism. You never want there to be conflicts between you and another employee, even though this will happen from time to time in any type of job you get.

Gail Esparan