How to Interview for a Sales Job

Sales jobs are not particularly easy to get in this day and age, but if you are smart enough, and if you have the persistence, then you might just be able to pull it off. There are plenty of companies that are looking for qualified sales personnel, and there are some that might not actually advertise this fact. In any case, let's say that you have landed an interview for such a job and you are not quite sure how to pull the interview off successfully. Luckily there are a few tips that you can follow in order to have a successful interview.
The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all of the necessary information. Take a look at the company you are interviewing for and see what they have done in the past five to ten years, and then see what their current plans are. The more you know about the company going into that interview, the more interested you look. Along with that the employer may feel that you are ready to jump right in and start working.
Having a plan is yet another very important part of the process. At some point the interviewer is going to ask where you plan to be in the next ten years. The answer to this question is not: "Doing your job." . This does mean that you will have to think about it, especially if you do not know the answer yourself yet.
This is pretty obvious but we are going to go over it anyway; dress nice! When you go out on sales calls you are going to need to dress your best, maybe even wearing a suit. Treat this interview as a sales call - and your sales resume as a sales document selling yourself -, because that's exactly what it is! You are trying to convince this company that they need to 'buy your services', and that they absolutely cannot live without you.
Now because this is a sale, you might not hear back from them right away. In fact you might find that you need to call them back a few times and ask what the status of your interview is. The important thing here is to not take no for an answer. Let them know that you WANT this job and that you will stop at nothing to get it. Well, almost nothing.
If you present yourself right and show that you will not give up, then chances are that you will be called in for a second interview. If you are not, then do not worry! These things happen! There are plenty of other places to apply at, and if you want you could even apply at the same company again. Sometimes persistence is rewarded, after all.


Gail Esparan