Sales Job Interview Don'ts

Don't overlook proofreading your sales resume and cover letter. More applicants are placed in the "no" pile because of mindless spelling and typing errors on their submitted documents.

Don't forget to prepare some questions for your interviewer. Almost all interviews end with you having the opportunity to ask questions so you want to be prepared and use this to your advantage.  As much as you want them to like you, you should also like them.  Use this as an opportunity to make up your mind.

Don't be late for your interview. If you get caught up be sure to make a phone call alerting the employer to your delay.  Sales jobs are generally time sensitive and the employer needs to know that they can count on you.  A simple phone call could save you the job.

Don't forget to sell yourself in the interview. Of course you do not want to be cocky, but you do want to speak openly about your strengths and experience.  This is your one opportunity to let them know how valuable you are.  Don't blow it.


Gail Esparan


6/22/2010 1:00:45 AM #

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