3 Additional Salesman Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. What steps do you take to overcome a prospect that is resistant to you?
A. The interviewer wants to see that you will not push a sale on a prospect too hard. What they really want to see is that you are able to present whatever you are trying to sell in such a way that the prospect eventually comes around. People who may have been on the fence at first may come around at a later time. But if you get frustrated and become too pushy and may decide to do business elsewhere. The small percentage of those who will buy later is astronomical. Your prospective employer wants to make sure you understand this and they want to see how you handle it.

Q. Tell me about the longest sale you ever completed? Why did it take so long? What could you have done differently?
A. In this case you want the sales interview to understand that you had to further convince the prospect of the benefits they would get from the product or service. Many times a customer may simply be on the fence and they need further convincing. Make sure you think about things that you could have done differently and explain these things very carefully to the person giving you the interview. They are always looking for people who look to improve their approach.

Q. Tell me about a time when you used deception in order to finalize a sale.
A. All you have to do to answer this question appropriately is tell the interviewer of a time where you may have told a little white lie. It doesn't have to be anything extreme or anything that would jeopardize the integrity of the company you are working for. Just make sure whatever you tell them is something that is very small and relatively harmless.


Gail Esparan