Top 10 Sales Jobs - Part 2

Here are the next 5 top sales jobs:


6. Inside Sales Agent
They sell services and products to prior customers and make between $25 and $50 thousand a year.

7. Advertising Representative
Being an advertising representative requires a college degree in one of the forms of business and the job includes sells advertisements to companies looking to advertise. They tend to make between $30,000 and $45,000 a year.

8.Product Demonstrator
Making around $30,000 a year, this job does not require a college degree and involves spending a good deal of time with consumers at events where the products will be sold.

9. Sales Manager
They are essentially in charge of a specific region and their roles include reviewing sales figures, forecasting trends, and keeping the sale team on target. They make $60,000-$90,000. You should include in your sales resume that you are willing to travel.

10. Counter Sales Clerk
While the pay may be somewhat low, at $9/hour, the clerks are the ones who are talking directly to the customers regarding specific car rentals or professional services. The schedules that those who hold this job keep tend to be fairly flexible.


Gail Esparan