How to Become an Account Executive

When we were children, we often talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Some of us wanted to be firemen, some of us wanted to be police officers. There were also those of us who wanted to be astronauts, but if you think back, you probably never heard anyone say they wanted to be an accoun... [More]

How to Become a Realtor

Becoming a realtor can be an extremely good career choice, as there is a great deal of money to be made in real estate. With that being said, many people are unaware of the steps that should be taken to become a realtor, as it is much different than other employment fields. This can be a very lucrat... [More]

What are the Highest Paying Sales Jobs?

When searching for employment, you want to be as picky as possible. That's because sales jobs are a dime a dozen. Sales jobs span every industry, selling every type of product. Yet not all sales jobs are created equally. Some salespeople make a lot of money while others barely bring enough home to m... [More]

Advantages of a Sales Career

Have you ever considered getting a job in sales? If not then you absolutely should! There are so many different reasons for trying out this type of career, and some of these are reasons you might not even have thought of, so let's discuss a few positive points about a sales career. First of all... [More]

How to get into Pharmaceutical Sales

There are a few steps that will help you get into pharmaceutical sales. First, there is your background. This is one of the fields where it is better to have a degree related to that specialty rather than a sales/marketing degree. What usually works best is having a biology degree and some experi... [More]

How to Start Your Sales Job Search

Looking for sales job isn't hard but there are a few things you should do before considering applying to position openings: Figure out what kind of company you want to work for, whether it's the company size, the industry, the benefits offered, etc ... Check out the market trends to see if it's ... [More]