How to get into Pharmaceutical Sales

There are a few steps that will help you get into pharmaceutical sales.

  • First, there is your background. This is one of the fields where it is better to have a degree related to that specialty rather than a sales/marketing degree. What usually works best is having a biology degree and some experience in sales but a salesman with strong results can probably crossover easily into pharmaceutical sales without having a biology degree.
  • When it comes to the job search, it is recommended to use healthcare employment sites rather than big generic job boards. Also make sure to check magazines and websites focusing on the pharmaceutical industry as they usually feature job postings as well.
  • Then, there is your resume, which should be formatted like a sales resume, focusing on your results (sales $, Gross Income, % increase, etc …)

Finally there is the interview part. Prepare what you will tell them to introduce yourself, prepare answers to the questions you might get and when it’s time to go to the interview, make sure to dress the part.