Nursing Resume Writing: Make Sure All The Information On It Adds Up

Nursing resume writing requires you to be able to describe your qualifications to the person who will be reviewing your resume. You want to make sure everything you put on your nurse resume matches up, otherwise it will make you look unprofessional. If you're wondering what I mean when I say this, s... [More]

Another 5 Top Nursing Schools

here is the second part of the ranking: 6) University of North Carolina - Chapel HillThis school uses various facilities with highly experienced teachers to educate their students. They use both innovative teaching methods as well as traditional methods of teaching which really rounds out their stu... [More]

Top 10 Nursing Schools

One of the best careers that a person can have is being a nurse.  Nursing jobs will always be in demand and there are is such a wide variety of jobs to choose from that you will have a hard time choosing your specialty.  This is a medical career that comes with a great deal of benefits not... [More]

3 Additional Nurse Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Tell me about a time that you had to cooperate with members of other departments to solve a problem.A. Even though you are a nurse and you will often be working around other nurses, there are times where you will have to deal with members of other departments. Some of these members may not be... [More]

Nursing Job Interview Questions And Answers

Becoming a nurse is very rewarding; they are responsible for various responsibilities such as assisting physicians and administering medical care, as well as treating patients with illnesses. If you are in the market for a nursing job in there are many nursing job interview tips I can give you do yo... [More]

Top 10 Nursing Careers

6) Nurse Practitioner $78,000 - This is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training (Master's) in diagnosing, prescribing medication, and treating basic and some complex medical conditions under the license of a medical doctor.7) Certified Nurse Midwife $84,000 - Midwifery, especially whe... [More]

Top 5 Nursing Careers

Finding a lucrative career with open positions in a down economy can be tenuous at best.  While most career paths are at a stand still or in decline due to recession and uncertainty, nursing is a highly available career path. Medical professionals to care for our illnesses and infirmities will ... [More]

Cons of Being a Nurse

1. Very Demanding - With great pay comes great demands. No one ever said being a nurse was easy. There are multiple tasks you must handle on a daily basis (as a sidenote, you should include them in your nurse resume). Some would say the pay isn't worth it, and it may not be to some, however you must... [More]

Pros of Being a Nurse

A nursing career is looked at as one of the most rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. However, like all other professions, nursing also has pros and cons. Not every job is as glamorous as it seems, and furthermore, are all jobs even worth the money they pay? There is only one way to find ou... [More]

How to Become a Legal Nurse

As the name implies, a legal nurse serves as the bridge between the complexities of the medical and the legal professions.  The medical issues relevant to a legal case are analyzed and explained in detail to the concerned persons, be it the lawyers and judges as well as the litigants and plaint... [More]