You Need More Then Just Difficult Skills In Order To Have Your Nursing Resume Get Responses

We live in a society that seems to value hard skills more than anything. It seems that these days’ people are trying to add as many hard skills as possible to themselves. When I speak of hard skills I am speaking of skills that are directly applicable and that will produce a direct result. The... [More]

Do's And Don't Of Writing A Nursing Resume That Can Make Or Break You

Nursing jobs are one of the most in demand careers these days because of the constant and steady growth. Being able to craft a nursing resume that is effective is very important if you hope to separate yourself from the competition. But there are several do's and don't s you need to follow in order ... [More]

Nursing Resume Writing Don'ts

The don'ts should be fairly obvious. Do not include anything on your nursing resume that doesn't pertain to the job you're applying for. For example, if you worked as a waitress to get you through nursing school, listing the restaurant you worked at during your schooling won't help you one bit. In f... [More]

Nursing Resume Writing Dos

Nurses are always in high demand. No matter what state the economy is in, there will always be a need for high quality nurses. However, just because nurses are in demand doesn't mean you're going to get every job you apply for. You must ensure you are presenting yourself in the best possible manner ... [More]

How to write a LPN resume

An LPN (licensed practical nurse) helps people in many areas. One year college or hospital training is required to become an LPN. You also have to pass many state exams. When you passed all the requirements, you can begin applying for a position. A good resume will get you in the door. Start by sele... [More]

Nursing Resume Tips

While it is a true statement that nurses are in high demand these days, there are also many nurses looking for employment.  When you submit your resume for a nursing position you are giving the receiver a first impression that you cannot take back.  If it is sloppy and unprofessional then ... [More]