Consider These Success Enhancing Tips To Write Professional Nursing Resume

Putting down all the basics Professional nursing resume writing can be so complicated sometimes that a lot of people try to pay attention to stuff that really isn't that important. In the process they forget to pay attention to the basics. Being able to master the basics on your nursing resume is a... [More]

Nursing Resume Writing: Make Sure All The Information On It Adds Up

Nursing resume writing requires you to be able to describe your qualifications to the person who will be reviewing your resume. You want to make sure everything you put on your nurse resume matches up, otherwise it will make you look unprofessional. If you're wondering what I mean when I say this, s... [More]

Another 5 Top Nursing Schools

here is the second part of the ranking: 6) University of North Carolina - Chapel HillThis school uses various facilities with highly experienced teachers to educate their students. They use both innovative teaching methods as well as traditional methods of teaching which really rounds out their stu... [More]

Top 10 Nursing Schools

One of the best careers that a person can have is being a nurse.  Nursing jobs will always be in demand and there are is such a wide variety of jobs to choose from that you will have a hard time choosing your specialty.  This is a medical career that comes with a great deal of benefits not... [More]

Top 10 Nursing Careers

6) Nurse Practitioner $78,000 - This is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training (Master's) in diagnosing, prescribing medication, and treating basic and some complex medical conditions under the license of a medical doctor.7) Certified Nurse Midwife $84,000 - Midwifery, especially whe... [More]

Nursing Resume Tips

While it is a true statement that nurses are in high demand these days, there are also many nurses looking for employment.  When you submit your resume for a nursing position you are giving the receiver a first impression that you cannot take back.  If it is sloppy and unprofessional then ... [More]