Pros of being a CNA

Along with the cons of being a certified nursing assistant, there are some definitive pro's to becoming a nursing professional. While your pay may not always reflect your responsibility (although in some cases it does) the job that you do matters. Some of the best parts of being a certified nursing ... [More]

Cons of being a CNA

CNA's or Certified Nursing Assistants, as they are more correctly named, are among the most important members of the healthcare team. Certified Nursing Assistants work on hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians offices, giving direct, hands-on care to patients and clients.Nursing assistants give di... [More]

How to Become a CNA

The medical field is ever expanding, and along with it comes the increased need for qualified medical workers. One such position that is growing fast is that of a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant. Though this career pays very well, and is expected to continue in growth, it is not the right j... [More]