Cons of being a CNA

CNA's or Certified Nursing Assistants, as they are more correctly named, are among the most important members of the healthcare team. Certified Nursing Assistants work on hospitals, nursing homes, and physicians offices, giving direct, hands-on care to patients and clients.

Nursing assistants give direct care. This means bathing, assistance in feeding, assuring the quality of care, reporting on negative aspects of the patients health as well as their daily care. Patients come to depend on the CNA's. They are the one person who sees them more than any other. Each certified nursing assistant, like the nurse supervisors is sent toa given wing. This holds true most of the time, so in the event of working in a long term care facility, you will grow very familiar with both the patients and their families.

There are many positive aspects of being a certified nursing assistant, but as with any type of employment, there are some negative portions of it as well. Each job has unique challenges and rewards. Nursing assistance is no different. There are distinct challenges to being a nursing aide, or assistant. Some might even call them con's to the job. Those con's are:

·    the job can be difficult. There is a great deal of lifting and physical labor attached to nursing assistance as a professional
·    Patients are often not cooperative in their own care. In the case of nursing homes there will be patients who are not only uncooperative, but are difficult to orient to reality
·    Nursing assistants wages are not compensatory in many cases with the amount of work that they do.
·    There is a great deal of paperwork to do on a daily basis. Much of that paperwork will determine if the patient receives good care and will be indicative of the care that you gave to the state auditors. For this reason, assuring good quality of your charting is imperative.


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Pros of being a CNA

Pros of being a CNA

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