Cons of Being a Nurse

1. Very Demanding - With great pay comes great demands. No one ever said being a nurse was easy. There are multiple tasks you must handle on a daily basis (as a sidenote, you should include them in your nurse resume). Some would say the pay isn't worth it, and it may not be to some, however you must make that decision for yourself.

2. Unpleasant Situations - Depending on where you work, there may be urine samples to handle, blood to draw, temperatures to take, baths to give, and a number of other "gross" things to do. If you've got a weak stomach, nursing isn't for you. If you work in a hospital or at a family practice, you're also constantly exposed to illness.

3. Emotional Stress
- There are always emotional issues to deal with in the nursing profession. There are deaths, sick children, and people who get cancer everyday. Nurses encounter these types of situations all the time. Unfortunately, they're bound to happen, and sometimes, it can be difficult to not get attached to certain patients. It's just a part of the profession that every nurse must be prepared for.


Gail Esparan