Key Skills Required In The Nursing Field, Continued

Secondly you will need to be able to reflect your experience. When I speak of experience I do not mean how long did you work at a job, but how you were able to handle yourself while performing certain tasks. Were you able to adjust? Were you able to grow? Did you do anything to add to your skills or... [More]

There Are a lot Of Key Skills Required In The Nursing Field And Your Nursing Resume Needs To Show You Have Them

It can be frustrating when you're trying to put in a nursing resume because not only is this field extremely competitive, but there are a large number of special skills required. Seeing as how so many special skills are required in the nursing field a lot of potential nurses want to know what do the... [More]

Consider These Success Enhancing Tips To Write Professional Nursing Resume

Putting down all the basics Professional nursing resume writing can be so complicated sometimes that a lot of people try to pay attention to stuff that really isn't that important. In the process they forget to pay attention to the basics. Being able to master the basics on your nursing resume is a... [More]

Do's And Don't Of Writing A Nursing Resume

Including old information Nursing jobs are indeed competitive and many people are going to want to include all of the information they can. But there is certain information that is simply so old that it cannot possibly be relevant in today's job market. Information that is more than 10 years old wi... [More]