Key Skills Required In The Nursing Field, Continued

Secondly you will need to be able to reflect your experience. When I speak of experience I do not mean how long did you work at a job, but how you were able to handle yourself while performing certain tasks. Were you able to adjust? Were you able to grow? Did you do anything to add to your skills or do you have any weaknesses? Now a lot of people are going to be inclined to say they possess no weaknesses believing that they will hurt their chances of making themselves appear more desirable. In reality by showing a few chinks in the armor you make yourself appear to be more authentic. And by admitting your faults and displaying actual desire to strengthen them you may charge ahead of the field.


Lastly you will need to show that you are committed to working on your weak points and more importantly be willing to show that you have as I've previously stated. Now let me speak of weaknesses for a second. Think of weaknesses on your nursing resume as things that are up to par, but can use a little bit of improvement in order to become more valuable. For instance you may be a good communicator on the job, but you may not communicate as well as you could. Never make weaknesses seem like a detriment to being able to perform your core possibilities.


Showing you possess special skills on your nursing resume writing doesn't have to be as difficult as people believe. Simply take the time to reflect the depth of your knowledge. Make sure you list your experience, along with showing that you are committed to improving your weak points.


Gail Esparan