Pros of being a CNA

Along with the cons of being a certified nursing assistant, there are some definitive pro's to becoming a nursing professional. While your pay may not always reflect your responsibility (although in some cases it does) the job that you do matters. Some of the best parts of being a certified nursing assistant are:

·    Your job makes a huge difference in the quality of care to those who are ill or elderly. Many nursing professionals admit that they would be lost without the assistance of nursing assistants. The quality care that the CNA's give to their patients frees up the nurse to be able to do treatments, medications, and to plan care for the days ahead, as well as to interact with other nurses to assure continuity of care.

·    Your patients will become friends. While this may be bittersweet in the event of a terminal illness you offer the patient the means to die with dignity, to live their last days with quality care and a person who feels that they matter.

·    You bring comfort to both patients and their families. Your patients are grateful for your help and assistance. In many cases families are very vocal in their gratitude for your help with the care of their loved ones.

·    The job that you do, for all that it may at times be thankless, matters a great deal. Your skill and knowledge may be what prevents an infection from spreading or a patient from being injured. Your insight into the patients that you know well will help to make their care better than it could otherwise have been.


Gail Esparan