Top 10 Nursing Careers

6) Nurse Practitioner $78,000 - This is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training (Master's) in diagnosing, prescribing medication, and treating basic and some complex medical conditions under the license of a medical doctor.

7) Certified Nurse Midwife $84,000 - Midwifery, especially when combined with credentials of a nurse practitioner, care for pregnant women, deliver children, and oversee women's health issues under the direction of an attending physician.

8) Orthopedic Nursing $81,000 - These nurses specialize in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

9) Neonatal Nurse $74,000 - These nurses care for newborn i nfants, often having health conditions common to premature birth.

10) Pediatric Endocrinology $81,000 - These specialists are interested in childhood diabetes, issues with childhood growth and sexual development, and other disorders of the endocrine glands, those glands that secrete hormones into the blood stream.

Some that did not make the top 10 but are worthy of mention, will be listed here.  Clinical nurse specialists are practitioners specializing in a given population or a particular discipline.  Surgical nurses play a vital role in hospital medicine.  Nurse directors and teaching nurses are RN's who have taken administrative responsibilities or begun passing on their knowledge.

Nursing is a caring and necessary field, with tremendous need and superior possibilities.  Any nursing career can provide well for a family, but these top 10 are growing and well paid avenues that are worth consideration and can be easily attained with a strong nursing resume.


Gail Esparan