Top 10 Nursing Careers

6) Nurse Practitioner $78,000 - This is a registered nurse who has completed advanced training (Master's) in diagnosing, prescribing medication, and treating basic and some complex medical conditions under the license of a medical doctor.7) Certified Nurse Midwife $84,000 - Midwifery, especially whe... [More]

Pros of Being a Nurse

A nursing career is looked at as one of the most rewarding careers in the healthcare industry. However, like all other professions, nursing also has pros and cons. Not every job is as glamorous as it seems, and furthermore, are all jobs even worth the money they pay? There is only one way to find ou... [More]

How to be a good nurse

How to be a good nurseHere are 5 points that should help you be a good nurse:    * Keep your skills up to date (and whenever you achieve new skills, make sure to include them in your nurse resume).     * Be a people person as dealing with people that are not feeling go... [More]