Top 10 Nursing Schools

One of the best careers that a person can have is being a nurse.  Nursing jobs will always be in demand and there are is such a wide variety of jobs to choose from that you will have a hard time choosing your specialty.  This is a medical career that comes with a great deal of benefits not to mention the pay, making it the perfect choice in a career.  In order to become a nurse you must first go through various aspects of training so it is important to find a school that will provide you what you need.  Below are the top ten nursing schools to help you get your career started (having one of these schools in your medical resume will be very effective).

1) University of California - San Francisco
This school has put together courses that offer their students a variety of classes and courses that incorporate the use of innovative technologies to help their students become the best in their fields of choice.

2) University of Illinois - Chicago
This school is great for those that are just getting started with their nursing careers or for those that want to expand their knowledge to further their careers.

3) John Hopkins University - Baltimore, Maryland
This school allows the students to utilize the hospital for their training so they can get first hand expereince while learning from some of the best doctors in the country. The school has been training people in the medical field for more then 100 years, offering their students access to top of the line classes and research facilities for their schooling.

4) University of Maryland - Baltimore/College Park, Maryland
Students that go here have access to some of the most expereinced teachers in the country so they can get the best education possible. The school provides top of the line state-of-the-art facilities so that students can walk away with a well rounded education.
5) University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Students really fall in love with this school as they can choose from a variety of specialist areas for both their undergraduate and master programs.

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Gail Esparan